What are Green Products?

Green products range from organic foods, herbs and spices to organic fibers and natural mattress systems, to vast green energy management systems and green building and construction systems.

The term “Green” is the big catch-all for all natural products, as well as for all natural processes of farming, harvesting, and manufacturing. Does that sound comprehensive enough? Well, the list actually goes on and on.  Green also includes recycling of resources, fair trade practices, building design and construction and so much more.

Here you will find definitions of basic green standards and terms:
Biodegradable – rapid breakdown of the basic components of the green product into environmentally friendly components
Carbon Footprint – The effect of each individuals’ unique activities on the environment. How much carbon emissions does each individual create from the various activities they perform and products they purchase.
Certified Organic - any food or fiber labeled Certified Organic must meet certain national organic standards set forth by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Energy Efficiency – Using the  least amount of energy to produce the most energy with the least amount of pollution
Fair Trade Certification –  review of a large number of parameters to ensure  that food products are grown using environmental sustainable practices, safe working conditions and  minimum floor pricing.
“Made with Organic Ingredients” – means that at least 70% of the ingredients must be organically grown
Natural” or “All Natural” - These terms are not regulated and generally means a natural green product without chemical additives or color additives
100% Organic” - according on the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) all ingredients must be all organically grown without chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, even minor ingredients such as salt
Organic” - 95% of the organic green food product ingredients must be organically grown
Sustainable Energy – energy sources that don’t deplete the supply of natural resources

As you can see a uniform single standard for all green products does not exist though many certifications and proposals have been made.  It is difficult to find a product that does not impact the environment to some extent. The main idea of “green” is to minimize the effects by offering products that are overall environmentally friendly.

Absolute Comfort On Sale offers a wide selection of green bedding products such as all natural latex mattress toppers, mattresses and pillows as well as organic wool toppers and organic sheets and towels as well as silk comforters. These environmentally friendly green products will help to improve the quality of your life. Enjoy Green living 24/7 from your waking  hours through the sleeping hours of the night!

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DonSeptember 19th, 2008 at 12:34 pm

Thanks for this information – I always feel like I have to think twice when reading that something is natural or organic. I guess organic is regulated and natural is not. To me it seems that as consumers, we have to take the next step of looking into the company’s practices if we are really concerned about what we are buying. Thanks again, Don.

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