The King Adjustable Bed: Size Matters

These days adjustable beds come in all sizes. There is a King Size adjustable bed as well as the more popular Queen, Full, Full XL, Twin XL and Twin sizes. An adjustable bed adjusts automatically in multiple varied positions with the click of a switch. Many of the more advanced beds have a memory button to retain the memory of the positions you most like, so that you may quickly adjust to the favored settings. It is not just a matter of adjusting the head rest area but the foot of the bed also has its own settings, so that both the head and the foot of the bed can be set in any position. This is in addition to the many varied massage and luxurious features offered.

What is particularly nice about the larger adjustable beds is that they are split down the middle, so that each partner has their own set of controls and settings. The two sides of the King adjustable bed can be set independently of each other. Each partner can choose his or her own favorite settings.

The three larger sizes are available in split models and allow for independent settings. These include the Cal King adjustable bed, the Eastern King adjustable bed and the Split Queen adjustable bed. There is also a Queen size adjustable foundation that is all in one piece. The one-piece Queen size model is designed for one standard size queen size mattress of 60″ x 80″ and the bed adjusts as a whole, not in two separate pieces.

The split Queen model also has an over all dimension of 60″ x 80″ but is composed of two slim mattresses, each are 30″ x 80″. You can see why we call this a slim mattress if you compare the 30″ width of the split queen mattress to the 38″ width of a Twin or Twin XL mattresses. These slim split queen mattresses are custom made to go with the queen adjustable bases. A split queen adjustable bed model is ideal for those who wish to have separate mattresses and separate controls and who may have a smaller size bedroom. Otherwise a more ideal split adjustable bed size would be the Eastern King or Cal King sizes.

The Eastern King is the most popular King adjustable bed. Of the three larger split adjustable beds the E King has the largest width. The overall width of the adjustable bed itself is 76″ with an 80″ length. The dimensions on each of the mattresses is 38″ x 80″. So each of the mattresses that compose the overall Eastern King adjustable bed is the size of a standard Twin XL Mattress (38″ x 80″). The E King bed is composed of two Twin XL beds.

The Cal King Adjustable bed requires two custom split Cal King mattresses. Each side of the Cal King is 36″ x 84″ to create an overall dimension of 72″ x 84″. So the width is slightly less on each of the adjoining mattresses but the length is considerably more. In addition to all the other luxurious advantages of an adjustable bed such as automatic adjustability and massage capabilities the larger size Queen and King adjustable beds allow for independent controls and independent adjustment of the height at both the head and the foot of the bed.

Choose the King Size Adjustable Bed that most suites you needs. Absolute Comfort On Sale has a large selection of adjustable foundations with many high quality features as well as a large selection of divinely comfortable memory foam and latex mattresses to choose from. Most all mattresses are offered in the custom sizes needed to match up with the larger adjustable bed sizes such as the split Eastern King adjustable mattress and the split Queen adjustable mattress. Sleep in luxury at the push of a button with a fully automated adjustable bed!

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