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Specialty Bedding

The Specialty Sleep Association, also known as SSA, was founded in 1995 and has been going strong since day one. This non-profit organization devotes their time to the specialty sleep industry, and caters to everyone from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. All those involved with specialty sleep products will benefit from learning more about the SSA Association, and quite possibly becoming a member.

Some of the most common specialty sleep items include: latex beds, memory foam mattresses, air beds, water beds, rollaway guest beds, futons, organic beds, and bed frames among many others. As you can imagine, there are thousands of companies all over the world that are involved with specialty sleep products in one way or the other. Some of the members focus on product development, others focus on manufacturing, and some as sleep product vendors.

If you are interested in joining the Specialty Sleep Association you have to belong to one of the following categories: retailer, manufacturer, or affiliate. Annual dues range from $150 for a one store retailer to $1,000 for manufacturers at the top of the industry. To learn more about the SSA association, including how much it costs to join and the benefits of doing so, contact them at www.sleepinformation.org.  Or click here: Specialty Sleep Association.

Some of the organizations newest members include corporations such as: Foamex, Simmons, Sustainable Furnishing Council, Lenzing, and White Knight Engineered Products Inc.

Even those who are not members can benefit from the helpful information the SSA offers. This holds true no matter if you are in the industry, or a consumer who is interested in learning more before buying. Their website offers many categories including sleep and health information, sleep surface types, accessories, and sleep and health news.

The Specialty Sleep Association is currently expanding their operation by opening a showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, they are also in the process of expanding their website to feature more information and a search feature for those interested in finding mattress stores nationwide.

As you can see, the Specialty Sleep Association offers many benefits to both members and the public. Members have access to unique, industry specific information that can help their business thrive. The public can learn a lot about the specialty sleep industry by simply reading over the website and searching for the proper information.

The Specialty Sleep Association has been a helping hand in the industry since 1995. There is no denying that they will be helping others well into the future by offering quality information to everyone.

For more information on specialty beds and custom mattress options please click here.

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waterbedsNovember 17th, 2009 at 6:03 am

Thanks for sharing this interesting topics I wonder if they also added waterbed as an option

bharingNovember 17th, 2009 at 9:18 am

We do not currently offer any waterbed options. However, we do offer some very Luxurious Airbeds on our AirbedDiscounters.com website — and they are made in the USA.

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