Silk Bedding Weight & Quality – Momme

At Absolute Comfort on Sale, we carry an assortment of economical yet luxurious silk bedding products. Because some customers ask about the weight or thread count of these products, it is appropriate to take a few minutes to explain the system of recording the weight of silk, and state that our silk products are produced from premium 19 momme silk.

Although there a number of recommended methods for evaluating silk quality, including evaluating color, sheen, and burn smell, the way to determine the weight of silk is by the traditional system of recording density, which is the momme (mm). The term was originally developed by the Japanese to record the weight of pearls, and was later applied to that which is as refined, in its own way, as pearls – silk. In the case of silk, however, the momme weight is the weight in pounds of a piece of the woven material that is 100 yards by 45 inches wide.

Generally, good quality silk falls in the range of 12 – 19 momme; with 16 momme and higher being considered very high quality. Silk falling below 12 momme would tend to be less durable and more prone to damage and tearing. The higher the momme weight, the more silk is actually woven into the fabric, also making it more expensive.

Other non-bedding silk products of good quality may have their own ideal momme weights. For example, coarse raw silk will frequently be 35 – 40 momme; silk clothing will be 8 – 12 momme; and a premium silk comforter should be about 18 – 22 momme.

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