LuxurGuest Rollaway Guest Bed

Finding just the right bed to have around as a spare for family or friends can be challenging these days. A rollaway guest bed or a fold-up bed? A cot-sized guest bed or a regular-bed-sized one? Wooden or metal support slats, or a spring-supported poly or metal mesh deck? An on-the-floor style or an elevated rollaway guest bed on wheels?

If I have any choice in the matter, I prefer my rollaway guest bed to elevate me off the floor supported by a flexible slat system, above a sturdy frame. In my case, and being allergy-sensitive, it is much better for me to be sleeping raised off the floor where dust and other sensitizing agents are kept at a distance.

I’ve tried out the metal-mesh-and-spring guest beds as well as the poly-deck-and-spring guest beds, and find neither very comfortable. They sag to some uncomfortable degree or another unless they have special supports at key locations. Both metal slats and wooden slats perform admirably and without sag in rollaway guest beds, and are supportive enough to allow me a good night’s sleep.

Although heavier and bulkier, and more expensive to ship, rollaway guest beds with heavy-duty frames are also much more durable and resistant to accidental damage. Personally, I think there is nothing worse than sleeping on an uncomfortable cot-type guest bed that is so cheap that you don’t dare breathe for fear that the bed will collapse or fall over.

In this class, the best bed that I’ve come across so far is the LuxurGuest Rollaway Guest Bed, which I could sleep on every night. It is such a sturdy and comfortable folding guest bed on wheels that I recommend it as the Number One choice — I haven’t seen anything better.