Gas And Retail Prices High? Shop Online and Save

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Natural Dunlap Latex

Natural Latex Topper

Gas Prices are going up, and I am looking for ways to save! I like the idea of shopping online because what I buy ships directly to me instead of shipping first to some store and then to me. This cuts down on costs for the company so that their products are more affordable. Not to mention less gas consumption, and we all know what that means. I’d definitely like to see less of our money going to supporting foreign oil and less pollution going into our air and water. Taking advantage of all of this as well as free shipping means less of my money spent driving around shopping ,and more of my money going to quality affordable products.

Luscious Latex for My Bed

My new Latex topper for example. I had it delivered right to my door, and it arrived within a couple of days — free of charge. I was able to spruce up my old mattress instead of buying a new one. I didn’t have to worry about getting rid of the old one, which also helps to create less waste in the landfill.  These times can be bit challenging and stressful, and getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things I can do for my health and I am worth it!

I feel good about renewing  some of my good old things and purchasing  quality affordable products. In doing so I save time, money and resources.

An Idea for You….

So here’s an idea…. Use part of your tax return to create a good nights sleep for yourself, your family and your guests. Ever since I added a latex pillow and topper to my bed, I have been sleeping like a baby (well, a restful baby :) ). Speaking of babies, there are even natural latex crib mattresses, free of flame retardant chemicals, with a natural wool batting to keep them warm and dry.

At you can find everything you need to get a good nights sleep and they offer free shipping. Their 100% Natural Latex latex topper provides you with the ultimate support. Natural Dunlap Latex is the most durable long lasting supportive option. Their latex is free of added chemicals, so you aren’t bombarded by chemical smells and there are also holes throughout for ultimate ventilation, which is what I like.

Cuddly Memory Foam Anyone?

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

If you like the feel of memory foam and cuddling into a soft warm nest that forms to your body, they carry many choices  to help transform your old bed. From lightweight and softer 2.5 pound SleepZone memory foam all the way to 5 pound Sensus, with an 8 lb Ultimate Memory Foam on the way. A lot of good choices to help you find the comfort you need to get a good night’s rest every day and every season.

Areus Viscoelastic Memory Foam

Cool Memory Foam

If you like the supportively cradling feel of Memory Foam you might try the Cool Comfort topper. This particular product sleeps cooler than most other memory foams due to its more porous cellular structure. And, with the advent of Foamex’s Variable Pressure Foaming method, this memory foam is manufactured with far fewer chemicals, so it is better for the environment and better for you as well. Now that’s something to sleep on — Memory Foam that has been formulated to keep you cool at night!

Maybe You Just Need A Whole New Setup?

custom mattress set

DIY Mattress

They have a great selection of affordable mattress sets in memory foam and latex. Oh, did you say custom? Yes, you can Customize your Mattress or have one of their fine mattresses made to the dimensions you need. Call for a quote Toll Free 1-800-508-1008.

Looking for an Adjustable Bed? Not a problem, as you’ll find many Leggett & Platt adjustable beds: UPS-able Ship Shape; the economy ProMotion model, the premium S-Cape model with Neurosage Massage. They can also get you Leggett & Platt’s Home Hospital Bed to go with your new mattress.

Did I mention the free shipping, savings on gas and hassle free secure ordering right from the comfort of your home? And if you decide you don’t like it, most products come with a thirty night trial period. So you have nothing to lose, only to gain a good nights sleep.