Operation Sleep Well

5 lb Sensus Memory Foam

An amazing story recently appeared in the Baltimore Sun about a local high school student who spearheaded an effective national effort to help deployed Marines get better sleep. Pat Garrett, a student at Harford County High School, has organized deeply discounted bulk purchases of inflatable pillows for soldiers (with free shipping), from a very supportive Brooklyn firm. In his enthusiasm, Mr Garrett also launched a facebook page to advertise the idea – and it caught on and brought in donations to support a continuing effort to provide free pillows to our soldiers.

Others have also been making a similar effort to support our soldiers; initiatives to help our soldiers get a good night’s rest. For each of soldier, top-notch performance is very demanding, and rest an essential ingredient. Absolute Comfort on Sale is one such internet store that has been offering a Military Discount (Free Shipping) for Memory Foam Toppers shipped to valid military addresses. And that adds up to a significant discount – 10 to 20 percent off retail – because of the cost of shipping large boxes through the US Postal Service.

Military addresses usually give the city as APO or FPOAPO for Army / Air Force Post Office, or FPO (Fleet Post Office) for the Navy, Marines, and the US Coast Guard. The state is usually AA, AE, or AP to designate location in the Americas, Europe, or the Pacific. In all cases, domestic zip codes are provided for receiving all mail and packages via the United States Postal Service at specific locations within the United States, for further delivery by Military Mail to soldiers stationed around the world

Interesetingly, the US Postal Service is the only agency that can deliver to these types of military addresses. Mail and packages cannot be sent by any other method such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx – delivery methods that are often significantly less expensive for packages.