100% Natural and Organic White Latex: My Pillow & Topper

Am I Lovin It

I am loving my new contoured Latex pillow! I kept waking up with kinks in my neck. Then I realized my favorite down pillow was flat. I had almost no support for my neck, so I started looking for an alternative. Not as easy as you might think. I found that many poly fill pillows have flame retardants that are neurotoxins. Yuck. Down sheds and goes flat over time just like wool… Then I found ErgoSoft Latex, they are naturally hypo-allergenic, mite resistant, and anti-microbial to resist common germs, bacteria and mildew. And they won’t go flat. Perfect!

Back to the Future….

I have had my contoured latex pillow for two weeks now and no kinks. It is filled with holes so it does not get hot and it breathes. No dust and you can wash it if you really need to. The other great thing about Latex is that it doesn’t have a chemical smell. I am very sensitive and it doesn’t bother me at all. Now I’m going  for an ErgoSoft Latex Topper for my Mattress.

Hey, Ergo Topper

ErgoSoft 100% Natural Latex

Latex Topper

Ever since my dream pillow arrived, the latex one, I’ve been wanting a topper of the same stuff very badly. Really. Totally. And I finally got it! Oh I am sleeping like a baby now. Such a wonderful feeling. Soft and yet springy. Not too hot to sleep on like synthetics. It is due to this spongelike foam and those holes poked through. Kind of reminds me of a waffle the way this looks. My latex topper really rocks!

The Good Stuff

ErgoSoft Latex is made from 100% Natural Latex Rubber. No synthetic rubbers or petroleum products added. No toxic solvents added. Its kind of scary what some other companies advertise under the banner of “natural” or “organic”. Have I seen the gimmicks and tricky words. Business-itis. They must think if they throw a little of the real stuff in with their brew, they can call it a natural product.

Cooking it Up

How latex rubber is made. OMG! The 100% natural stuff is made where rubber trees grow. That means Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia. They use a Dunlop Method to cure the whipped latex sap. They cook it. The batter turns into a pillow, or a loaf of latex that is sliced into toppers or used in mattresses. Closed cell walls make springy, long lasting foam. Pure and Simple.

The people who make latex in the USA or Europe add things to the sap. They stabilize it and add all sorts of synthetics to improve qualities of latex. How else would the sap be shippable thousands of miles? Synthetic rubbers are added and maybe petrochemicals. If they cook it by the Talalay recipe, that takes extra chemicals and solvents. The cell walls are broken and the foam becomes more breathable. The same or even better  they say? I think it is a matter of opinion.

My pillow and mattress pad are 100% Natural Latex. ErgoSoft. Dunlop. Thailand.

If you would like to learn more about 100% Natural and Organic White Latex here is a link to the Latex Foam Guide