My Experience with Guest Beds

The Isotonic Folding Guest Bed was the first guest bed I ever slept on. Although it was designed to be put on the floor or any hard surface, mine rested on top of a lounge chair over the weekend while family were visiting, inside our oversized closet. Although this guest bed has memory foam in it, it must be a pretty thin layer judging by how firm it feels. I was also surprised that the cover is thin and looks like it could tear easily. That aside, I slept well, though I did notice a bit of chemical smell from the new foam. This product has since been discontinued by the manufacturer ER Carpenter Co.

The memory foam folding guest bed that I found to replace the Isotonic was the MemoRest Folding Guest Bed by Absolute Comfort on Sale ( This folding foam bed is very similar to the Isotonic, but a whole lot more comfortable – and I definitely enjoyed the memory foam feel. This is a truly fabulous and compact guest bed which is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), in contrast to the one size of Isotonic. This unit comes complete with memory foam and a sturdy cotton cover that looks durable. As with everything “foam”, this model also had some of that “new foam smell” to it for awhile. It aired out just fine.

Wanting to have my guest bed elevated above the floor, I next tried the ClassicComfort Rollaway Guest Bed model. In contrast to the folding guest beds I’d used earlier, this model sports a metal frame that put me up and off the floor, complete with springy wooden slats for extra cushion. Although there is no memory foam in this mattress, the combination of foam and innerspring, along with those wooden slats, provided a comfortable rest. The bed folded up and rolled into the closet on four wheels, which I had to attach when the bed first came out of the box. A very nice guest bed, though less compact than the folding guest beds.

Finally, I had a chance to try the LuxurGuest Rollaway Guest Bed model. This was my favorite guest bed, and it is indeed the “cadillac” of guest beds. This is by far the most sturdy, handsome, and well-built guest bed I’ve ever seen. Kind of the “hummer” or “escalade” of rollaway guest beds. In my opinion, the heavy-duty square tubular metal frame, elevating head section, headboard, and 5 ½” foam-and-innerspring mattress supported on thick wooden support slats all ads up to a luxury-class sleeper. The downside is that the bed is quite large and thick when folded up, though with the optional storage cover, I found it easy enough to roll into the corner of the room for storage. My only comment is that I’d have preferred an all-foam mattress on this bed over their standard foam-and-innerspring combination.

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