The Modern Guest Room — Includes both a Home Office and a Guest Bed

Having an extra room available for guests is always a good idea, if the space is available. When family and friends come visiting, a little privacy is good for them and for you, particularly if you have an active family with children. You’ll all be much happier and very thankful for your own spaces. And, if the room is set up well, it can also double as a quiet place for escape or focusing on detail work when nobody is visiting.

Ultimate Trundle Bed

Ultimate Trundle Bed

Each person’s personal space is naturally set up according to their own unique needs and preferences. Some people, for example, want their extra room set up primarily as a bedroom, with furniture like the Ultimate Trundle Bed that can be used as a day bed during the day. This stylish bed also features an extra (trundle) bed that emerges from underneath and pops up to the same height, when needed.* Frequently, this type of setup may also include a small table or desk with a sewing machine or computer – a way to utilize the quietness and privacy of this extra room when there are no guest occupants.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair

People who actively pursue business or personal interests at home are likely to want a Home Office setup in that extra room. In this case, a nice desk and ergonomic office chair, a desktop computer, bookshelves and filing cabinets are likely to be the primary furniture. When a guest drops in, the perfect accommodation is a Roll Away Guest Bed or Cabinet Hide-A-Bed that can be stored in a corner, a closet, or the garage; or a Memory Foam Folding Guest Bed that stores more compactly in a closet or under a bed.

LuxurGuest Roll Away Guest Bed

LuxurGuest Roll Away Bed

There are many types of Guest Beds to suit all sorts of needs. The Ultimate Trundle Bed is a Day Bed with Trundle Pop Up hidden away in its base, while the Ultimate Hide-A Bed is a Guest Bed tucked away inside a handsome cabinet. Our Rollaway Guest Beds include: The top-of-the-line LuxurGuest Rollaway, the Classic Comfort Rollaway, the Ultimate Riviera Roll Away, the Freedom Sleeper Roll Away, and the Buddy Bed Rollaway. Our Folding Bed is the MemoRest Folding Guest Bed, a 4″ thick tri-fold available in small, medium, and large sizes.

MemoRest Folding Guest Bed

Tri-Fold MemoRest Folding Guest Bed

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* Note: The Trundle Bed  is shipped by truck in two (2) boxes with a combined weight of 300 lbs. Delivery is curbside, so please make sure to organize local help to get your bed inside and setup. New York City area customers may have additional options. Your Limited Warranty on this bed ensures against defects and/or damage upon receipt and setup. Our Guest Beds are not offered with a Trial Period and are non-returnable.