Memory Foam Mattresses

“Memory Foam Mattress” has become one of the most popular searches on the internet, as everyone familiar with the benefits and uniqueness of memory foam looks for a quality product at a price that suits their budget. From proprietary and expensive Tempur-Pedic mattresses all the way to imported mattresses sold at economy warehouses, you can find just about anything you’re looking for.

Nothing, however, surpasses Tempur-Pedic’s widespread and comprehensive advertising that has been going on for decades, in a concerted effort to popularize both memory foam products and their own brand name. The effectiveness of this campaign, as well as the efforts of other (domestic) manufacturers of memory foam have made “memory foam” a household word, and a highly desirable bedding product.

Memory foam in general, and its use in a memory foam mattress, has been further popularized by chiropractors and other health professionals as a way to distribute bodyweight more evenly and ease painful pressure points. Additionally, memory foam’s unique body-conforming characteristics have also made it a valuable orthopedic and healing device.

A memory foam mattress made with domestic foam seems to be the best combination of cost and quality, and good for our own struggling economy and workforce. And, as long as you aren’t listening to only one company’s hype, you’ll find that there are several premier memory foam plants in the USA that make quality products available to resellers throughout the country.

Of course, every memory foam mattress is not totally equal — not only are there proprietary memory foams and foaming processes, but also specialized mattress construction styles. So, aside from brand names and your own preferences for softness and feel of a mattress, take a little time to make sure that any mattress you’re looking at is constructed of appropriate foam layers to give the kind of support you require, and the durability that corresponds to your bodyweight and type of use.

At Absolute Comfort on Sale, the memory foam mattress options range from the Memory Foam Select series of bed-in-a-box type component mattresses, all the way up to our luxurious Majestic Comfort pillowtop mattress. And, if you are interested in latex, they range from our Latex Sleep Therapy to the ErgoSoft 100% Natural Latex Component Mattress.

Take a look at our premium memory foam mattress options, latex mattresses, adjustable beds, pillows, memory foam and latex toppers, and other fine bedding items. Free Shipping, 30 Day Trial, and Warranty on most orders.

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