Magnetic Mattress Products

The use of magnets as a healing aid was recognized by many physicians of the ancient world, including the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Hebrews, Indians, and Arabs. Although modern and recent attitudes towards the benefits of magnetic therapy are sometimes quite skeptical and negative, notables such as the famed Dr Mesmer, Paraclesus, and Cleopatra all used magnets as a healing and/or beauty aid, and promoted their healing benefits.

Proponents of magnet therapy have used them for many common concerns including pain relief, inflammation, impaired circulation, the ability to fight infections, stress reduction, sleep promotion, disorders of the central nervous system, energizing, as a healing aid for all tissues including bone, and for improved athletic performance. And some amazing people like Cleopatra even used magnets as a beauty aid.

In America, magnet therapy revolutionized the practice of medicine after the Civil War, and their use became quite popular across America. Medical texts of the day even devoted entire chapters to the subject, and magnetic products were sold in Sears Catalogs! However, as pharmaceutical companies and the AMA grew and spread their net of control over our medical system, magnetic therapy lost its popularity and suffered ridicule. That is, until the limitations of their system were clearly seen and recent research proved the effectiveness of BioFlex Medical Magnets.

BioFlex medical magnets are the modern answer to magnetic therapy, as their products are backed by numerous published scientific studies, and this is the only medical magnet company with sound, scientific proof of the effectiveness of its products. Additionally, BioFlex has created flexible magnetic products that work well in sports wear and appliances, as well as healing devices, mattresses, and mattress pads. Permanently magnetized flexible pads help accelerate the healing process by increasing circulation, and are often a great accessory to heating pads, electrical stimulation units, balms and liniments.
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