Ortho Gel Auto Seat Pad Great for Canoes and Kayaks too!

Gel Auto Seat Pad Cushion

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Honeycombed OrthoGel

With Ortho Gel and all types of Gel Pads becoming increasingly popular, it is easy to find new uses for them — particularly when we’ve needed a seat cushion that actually works. Gel Seat Pads and Chair Cushions, Gel Auto Seats, Gel Canoe Seats, Gel Kayak Seats…. They have been designed to keep the old derriere cool and comfortable, and not just for a short time. The Nexgel version has no uncomfortable side effects – they’re stable and a pleasure to sit on. Oh, and they won’t increase the risk of losing your balance or swimming when used in your canoe or kayak!

Ortho Gel, otherwise known as NexGel, is a bit different from some of the more commonly known types of gel pads. The ones similar to freezer packs are thin and generally come from China. They’re also rather heavy, and may leak over time. In the short term, they’re great for pulling the heat out of your body and helping to dissipate it so you feel cooler as you sit or sleep. They also provide a semi-liquid cushion underneath your body to help reduce painful pressure points. Due to their inexpensive and passive cooling design, these pads will warm up and feel less cool after spending some time on them. [Note: For beds, a Chilipad Bed Cooler / Warmer is worth considering]

Gel Cooling Pad

Gel pads also come in foam-gel combinations, where a gel layer or gel beads are combined with some form of polyurethane foam, providing the benefits of both foam and gel. Gel foam pads are becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace – the latest hot item – and many are produced by big-name companies within the USA. These items are going to be more costly than a thin gel-filled pad, thicker in inches, and the gel-foam interface may be more prone to breakdown due to the adhesion of two dissimilar components in a cushion that gets compressed and squashed, stretched and torqued — as is the case with a dynamic bedding situation or seat cushion. Although somewhat of a fad, these are quite popular and make a good option if you just want to add a little gel to your mattress.

Gel Foam Pad Topper

Last but certainly not least, Orthogel is a honeycombed product made out of proprietary NexGel molded gel polymer. It accomplishes near-zero pressure point support by means of the honeycomb shaped gel walls gently folding into their own hollow tubular center area as weight is applied. Constant and gentle support of the weight is maintained by the softly elastic gel material, resulting in fabulous comfort. Honeycombed Gel also helps dissipate heat by means of both the gel and the hollow air-filled columns. Due to the type of usage and concentration of bodyweight in a relatively small area, Orthogel seat cushions are molded with smaller hollow tubular cells of a square shape. [Ortho Gel Toppers and Mattresses use the larger honeycomb shaped NexGel support.]

OrthoGel Seat Pad

We recently tried out the Ortho Gel seat pads in our kayaks and found them to be extremely comfortable. And I didn’t need to worry that they would cause me to lose my balance more easily, because that didn’t happen. No sore derriere, no discomfort from sitting for a couple of hours in a kayak seat, no unexpected swims! The Gel Seat Cushion was definitely the best and most comfortable seat I’ve ever used in the kayak. It also has a low profile of about 3/4 inch and provides a stable seat support.

We did have to take the gel seat cushions back in the house, though, because my mother prefers sleeping on them. They relieved her sleep discomfort — those sore spots where her body is supported on the mattress — and that ended up being more important than using them as seat cushions or chair pads!