Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Mattress Toppers for Hot Sleepers

Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Toppers for Hot Sleepers

If you overheat at night it is probably because your bedding is holding your body heat.   Some mattresses can hold a lot of body heat and radiate it back towards you throughout the night, causing you to overheat and/or have night sweats.    The easiest way to fix this problem is to add a topper to your mattress that quickly disperses your body heat, rather than absorbing it.

At Ultimate Sleep we sell a few different cooling mattress topper options that will also add comfort and support to your bed.   We have MemorGel Toppers, OrthoGel Toppers, the CoolMax Topper and the Cool Comfort Topper.


Gel & Memory Foam Toppers

Numerous types of gel offer cooling properties when added to traditional bedding materials.   There are now many types of gel mattresses and mattress toppers available.   We sell two very different types of gel toppers that both provide long lasting comfort.

MemorGel Toppers are made of a mixture of memory foam and gel.  This provides the feeling of memory foam, but allows it to disperse body heat faster than ordinary memory foam.  Memory foam is known for its ability to relieve painful pressure points and improve sleeping posture.  Unfortunately, it “sleeps hot” for some people.  MemorGel combines the comfort of memory foam with the cooling benefits of gel.

The memory foam used in this product is 4lb density memory.  This is our most popular density of memory foam because it is a medium density, which provides both cushioning and support.   We chose this density for this specialty product for these reasons.

The way we mix the memory foam and gel is important.  These materials are mixed during the molding process, which forms a molecularly bonded, balanced material.   Some memory foam gel mixtures add small beads of gel which can work their way out of the memory foam overtime, and can have an uneven distribution.  Since we fully mix the memory foam and gel while still liquid it is much more durable and evenly balanced (no ‘hot spots’).


OrthoGel Toppers are an entirely different type of gel toppers, and have a thick layer of gel on the surface.  The gel used is made of 100% food grade mineral oil and has been molded into a honeycomb structure called OrthoGel.  The OrthoGel shape has a hollow tubular structure.  This allows maximum air flow and the ability to bend and shape in such a way that it always provides support without any hard spots.  OrthoGel was originally produced for hospital use in critical care and burn wards, due to its cooling and pressure relieving properties.

The top layer of this product is honeycombed gel, the layer underneath is memory foam providing extra comfort.  The topper has a soft fabric cover with an underside of soft quilting foam.



Non-Gel Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Cool Comfort Topper is a memory foam mattress topper made of open cell memory foam.  This topper is made with a revolutionary new type of memory foam that has a more open cell structure, that allows more airflow through the material, allowing for faster heat dispersion.   In fact, the air flow inCoolComfort can be up to eight times greater than competing brands.  The memory foam used in this product is 4lb density memory foam, which is very comfortable.


Cool Max Topper is a memory foam topper that has a special Cool Max fabric encasement.  CoolMax Fabric helps the body stay cooler by quickly wicking away moisture, this keeps you cool and dry throughout the night.  The evaporation of moisture reduces the stored heat in the topper.   This topper has memory foam inside of the fabric encasement.   We use 4lb density memory foam for this product since it is such a comfortable density.


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