Chili Pads: Heating & Warming Bed Pads


Dual Zone Chili Pad

I wanted to let you know that your Chili Pad is a really cool product! It really helps me sleep comfortably and get the rest I need when I can’t cool down the house as much as I’d like to.” – Maryanne, NC

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and that rest is more sound and refreshing when we are able to maintain our body’s optimal resting temperature – neither too hot nor too cold. If you and your spouse or partner sleep comfortably at different temperatures, or if you don’t want to have to heat or cool your entire house to your ideal sleep temperature, consider a Chili Pad Mattress Warmer and Cooler.

The innovative Chili Pad circulates water through narrow silicone tubing to adjust the bed pad temperature to anywhere between 46 and 118 degrees, allowing you to get your bed – or your side of the bed for “Dual Zone” models – to just the right temperature. And, because you won’t have to adjust the house thermostat so severely, you are going to save money on your energy bills. Dual Zone models have two independent controls and controllers, so each sleeper is able to adjust their side just the way they like it.

Quilted in durable fabric with polyester fiber, the Chili Pad can be cleaned by laundering with care (see instruction manual). Medical grade silicone tubing is also resistant to puncture by pet claws, so you don’t have to worry about Garfield or Marmaduke getting comfy on your bed; and an optional extension hose is available to move the unit 4 ft further away. Best of all, the unit is backed by the Manufacturer’s 90 Day Trial Period and 3-Year Warranty.

Chili Pad 46 to 118 F

Chili Pad Heats & Cools

Thank you so much. I can finally get a good night’s rest, now that I am able to stay comfortable at night. While sleeping, I sometimes get hot and uncomfortable, and that often leaves me worn out in the morning. And in the winter, it is hard for me to stay warm enough. Not any more with my Chili Pad!” — Brian, NC

See the Chili Pad Bed Warmer & Cooler, available with Free Shipping in the Continental USA.