Breathable Memory Foam

Memory Foam has become a very popular bedding choice in recent years because of the foam’s unique ability to conform and mold itself to body contours, as well as responding to body weight and temperature. Although original versions are not breathable memory foam, they offer unique orthopedic support and amazing comfort that responds to your body and sleep habits.

If you are one of those people who sleep warm or are temperature sensitive, you may need a breathable memory foam topper. Most traditional memory foams tend to sleep warm, where breathable memory foam offers greater comfort through a more open-celled and breathable structure – enhancing airflow to keep you more comfortable all night long.

Breathable memory foam eliminates heat up to five times faster than traditional memory foams, while offering a softer, silkier feel. This unique sleep comfort product does not require any “break in” period, and consistently retains most of its feel and loft over the life of the product.

Absolute Comfort on Sale offers only breathable memory foam in our 2.5 lb SleepZone, 3 lb Perfect Comfort, 4 lb MemoRest, and 5 lb Sensus Memory Foam lines. Our Breathable Memory Foam is Made in the USA, and every product ships for free within the Continental USA.